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Request Insurance Certificate

This will take you to a form for you to fill out and submit for insurance purposes.

Request Service

This will take you to a form to email service request and the phone number for after hours.

How to cancel an alarm

Instructions to call Central Station for tech support to cancel an alarm call.
If you accidentally trip your alarm please follow these instructions:
1. Remain calm
2. Silence your Alarm System (enter code)
3. Immediately call 901-382-6955 to alert Central Station of a false activation.
4. You will be asked your all clear / password, “clearly say your secret code.”
5. Clear your keypad, “it sometimes has a reminder light or zone showing.”
** If we call and there is no answer, a machine, or the correct passcode is not given, then the Police/Fire department will be dispatched. Your call list will be contacted.

Manuals/Panel Instructions

Click on your style of keypad, download the instruction manual in PDF.