Med Alert


Prolong your independence in your home with Advanced Med Alert.

medalert_pendantDo you worry about emergencies, getting to the phone… or maybe you have a loved one with a disability or illness who is dependent on emergency services? Our system can give you peace of mind with the touch of a button. By simply pressing the button on your pendant or wristband, you can hear the voice of a local operator who is waiting to assist you 24 hours a day.


• Easy to use and affordable with no long-term contracts
• Local customer service
• 24 hour monitoring through a UL listed station
• Two-way voice enabled with live operators
• Lifetime warranty
• Waterproof buttons
• Backup battery in console in case of power failure
• Automatic reports for low battery or power failure
• Prompt notification of friends or family if emergency arises

How does it work?

The Advanced Med Alert system is easy to install and use. Once the system is plugged into your phone jack, it is ready to receive signals from your pendant or wristband. When you need assistance, you press the button and a signal immediately goes from the console in your house to the monitoring station. A live operator will then be able to hear and talk to you. You can let the operator know if you need a friend or family member called, or if you need emergency personnel dispatched. This process only takes seconds to ensure that help will be on the way.

Hook up fee: $49.00
Monitoring fee: $29.95/month
Discount for autodraft customers: $25.95/month
Current alarm customers: $15.00/month

Additional pendants: $38.00 + tax
Additonal wristbands: $45.00 + tax
Both units come in black or white

Keylock Box:
Combination lock to hold a spare key in case EMT needs to get inside: $30.00 + tax

We provide an “Info to go” packet that contains subscribers medical information (medications/allergies), etc. It is magnetic and attaches to refrigerator door along with a decal posted on the front door stating its location.